Question: How many Artists will participate and how many pieces of Art will be displayed? 
Answer: Each Art Guild will be given one of the digital frames to utilize at ART. Each guild can display up to 250 pieces. I imagine some artists might have 10 and some might only have 1. It's up to the individual. Each guild will have their own display and all the work that Artists submit to be displayed will be combined on the same monitor. 

Question: How many artists do you hope to hear from? How many could be involved at any point in time?
Answer: I would like each Art guild to be involved. We are expecting at least half of the artists to participate. We are displaying digital paintings and photos so technically it's unlimited. 

Question:  How should pictures be sent? (CD's, Thumb Drive, etc.)
Answer:  JPEG pictures should be delivered by thumb drive to ART to Larry Bond’s attention. 

Question: How many days will pictures be shown? 
Answer: The featured artist will be able to bring in enough physical art to cover a 20'x12' wall. The wall needs to be completed between 9am-noon on Monday. The art will remain up until Sunday night. The Art needs to be removed between 10pm-midnight on Sunday or between 8am-9am on Monday. The digital displays will remain on at all times. 

Question:  How will the artist be involved? 
Answer: The featured Artist should display their contact information on the ART wall along with flyers or brochures. The artist is not required to be in the Restaurant other than to install and remove their work. 

Question:  How would sales occur if at all?
Answer: The featured Artist of the week can have all the pricing on their paintings displayed small on the front or back. If a guest wants to buy a painting for full price, ART will collect the money for the Artist if they are not available and give it to the Artist the next time they are in. There are never any fees. If the guest wants to negotiate pricing on a piece, we will give them the Artists contact info and take the guests info as well to give to the Artist. If someone wants a painting that is displayed on one of the TVs, our staff will provide them with the contact information for the ART guild that provided the work and the guest will meet with the Art guild to purchase the painting. The Art staff will ask the guest to take a pic of their favorite painting and show it to the ART guild when they are going to meet to make the purchase. 

Question:  Is there adequate space for artist(s) or easels, if that is the intent? 
Answer: There is a 12'x20' wall to hang paintings dedicated to the featured Artist of the week. All content on this wall must be approved prior to displaying. No easels will be allowed.

 If required, when and how would an artist be required to be on site? 
Answer: No required time other than to display paintings, sign off on inventory, and to pick up paintings. 

Question: What medium would you use to present the artists name, locale and price?
Answer: The featured Artist can make a flyer, business card or rack card that will be displayed with their work. We also have small 4"x3" easel that will be at each table to display the Featured Artist of the weeks contact info. 

Question: How is the Artist of the Week chosen? 
Answer: All local Artists that choose to participate should sign up at ART. The featured Artist of the week will be chosen by rotation of the participating guilds. Order of sign up, quality of work, and pieces to be displayed will all be considered when choosing the Artist of the week.

Question: How do the Art guilds participate? 
Answer: Each Art Guild is encouraged to invite their members to submit JPEG files. All they have to do is save the pictures of their paintings and click "save as" Jpegs. The size needs to be a minimum of 100k and a max of 1mb. Please take the flash drives to ART and give it to Larry Bond, Fabiana Bond, or Phillip Evans along with your contact info. Please know that when displaying the artwork digitally, there might be color, stretch, and/or borders that are created when designing the files to be played. Landscape works are less likely to experience this. All changes are made at the discretion of the video editor. Videos will be created for each Art Guild no more than once per month. All artists give ART burger-sushi-bar the rights to display their works that are submitted by the Artist or the Guilds.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to visit us at ART. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

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Artist Question and Answers